House party at Dave’s

Party at Dave's After a long playlist–generation hiatus, I’ve created a new house party themed list. Its not new or cutting edge music, just a meticulous arrangement of songs I’ve picked out over the past few days. This kind of mix is something I like to dip into now and again  after listening to dreary indie all day long; just to keep ‘it real’.

For the cover I thought I’d take an established image and turn it on its head. In this example its the famous chancellor/briefcase pose used for the UK budget. Sending up authority is always amusing (as too is the juxtaposition of socio-economic classes), hence George is holding out a boombox instead. I liked the cover idea so much that I’ve expanded on it further. The image below is a composition of found net images; utilising this technique is like being a ‘visual’ DJ, which is why it suits the project!

House Party at Dave's

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