We can rewind

Spotify playlist Number 10: Modern Retro

I’ve recently been enjoying the upsurge in retro graphic styles and colour usage posted on design and image bookmarking sites. Interestingly this direction correlates with the alternative music scene: the past five years has seen a massive influx of 80s inspired music — whether it be through synthesisers and electro sound effects, writing style, or even mimicking a former popular artists sound.

The popularity of both indie music and the 1980s has also been highlighted in the satirical blog ‘stuffwhitepeoplelike.com’: ‘Indie music’ and ’80s night’ currently feature in the top 100 list at positions 41 and 29 respectively.

Personally I can’t get enough of this potent mix of genres, and I hope this wave continues in both musical and graphical media formats. This playlist is a bite-size update of retro/power/electro/pop/indie that I’ve been frequently listening to over the past month or so.

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