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Spotify playlist Number 9: Student Salad Dayz 89-00

These days the nineties are predominantly marketed using ‘old skool’ dance songs. I liked this period but not as much as the britpop period which would follow on a few years later; dance music in the 90’s was really just a logical progression from the late eighties.

Then came the lowest ebb in music history of recent times: the ‘smash-hits’ dance / reggae / vacuous pop period that reached a peak circa 1994. It felt like a period of cheap music created for instant business gain with little substance. In the background, indie music was building up momentum through this period thanks to bands like the stone roses. This culminated in a britpop explosion that peaked about 1996. I always felt that the rise of britpop was due to a knee-jerk reaction to the awful chart music from previous years. Bands like oasis, blur, pulp, and the manics were championed by the press as the front runners to a new epoch that clung to a more traditional resonance.

This collection of songs earmark my youth – a decade in education and teenage angst that seemed to never end, from school to college and eventually university. Nowadays I don’t often listen to this period of music, but its still worth a listen now and again. This playlist is not strictly indie or britpop as some songs belong to other categories, however these tracks suitably belong to the era. Its too bad the Oasis back catalogue is largely absent from Spotify.

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